Encore Maintenance Guide

Encore Worktops – A Maintenance Guide

Encore Worktops – A lot of people are still unsure of what it is and how to take care of it, so here’s a quick guide.

What is Encore?

Encore Worktops are made from compression moulded reinforced acrylic which makes it extremely tough when it comes to stain, impact and wear resistance. It is 5mm thick and available in 14 colours. For the full range of colours see my Encore Colours Post.

Encore is all about easy maintenance, not high maintenance. On installation, your Encore worktop will have a lovely semi-matt finish and maintaining those beautiful good looks requires only a simple cleaning routine.

But as with any works surface, treat it with a little love.

Do’s and Don’ts

SHARP – don’t chop directly onto the worktop.
HOT – protect it when placing hot pans or hot items from the oven.
DROP – avoid dropping heavy objects onto it.
STAIN – wipe up any spills immediately.
CLEAN – wash and buff up with Countertop Magic daily in the first week after installation, and weekly thereafter.

Removing a stain

Spills onto the work surface should ideally be wiped off promptly with a warm, damp cloth. Should a stain occur, then we recommend the following steps to remove it. These are progressively more intense depending on the nature of the stain you need to treat.

Step 1: use your normal cleaning routine with detergent and water.
Step 2: try a detergent powder mixed in warm water.
Step 3: try 50:50 mixed solution of domestic bleach and water (please use gloves).
Step 4: try a non-abrasive cream cleaner, applied using a non-abrasive nylon pad.
Step 5: try an abrasive cream cleaner, applied using a nylon pad.*
Step 6: rub the stain in a circular action with the Scotchbrite pad soaked in warm,
soapy water.*

If your stain persists (eg if it was caused by a solvent based ink) then this can only be removed using an appropriate solvent cleaner. In such cases, we recommend that you seek professional help from your installer or retail outlet where you purchased your work surface.
* Please note that steps 5 & 6 can alter the original finish of your worksurface and you may need to refinish It with countertop magic

Dealing with Scuffs and Scratches

Your Encore worktop is designed to cope with the daily wear and tear of kitchen use (i.e utensils and crockery being slid across the surface). As with any work surface, we recommend you take the usual, sensible measures of using a chopping board and protecting the surface from hot items by using a heat protective mat. Minor scratches and scuffs can be treated as follows:

Step 1: using a warm damp cloth, clean the work surface and wipe dry.
Step 2: rub the affected area using the Scotchbrite sponge. Apply light pressure in a circular, overlapping motion. It’s also advisable to blend in the newly finished area by extending further outwards over the work surface. Your Scotchbrite can be re-used, so wash and rinse after use.
Step 3: repeat step 1 to clean the works urface and wipe dry.
Step 4: apply a moderate coating of Countertop Magic to your work surface using a white cloth.
Step 5: work in the polish fully.
Step 6: buff the work surface up to a lustrous shine using a Microtex cloth.

Remember, one of the benefits of your Encore worktop is that it is repairable allowing minor scuffs and scratches to be removed as described above.