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Fitted Bedroom? So How Much Will it Cost?

Ooh, now that’s a question! Obviously, it’s down to what fitted bedroom you want, but here is a guide and some example layouts and prices, which will give you an idea.

What do you want?

Maybe you don’t know what you want (or more likely you don’t know whats available), so to make it as simple as possible we’ll split it down into the three principle types of furniture available, which would be classed as ‘fitted’:

  1. ‘Standard’ sized wardrobes and bedside furniture.
  2. Made to measure or order wardrobes and furniture
  3. Bespoke wardrobes and furniture

1. Standard Sized Wardrobes and Furniture

These are not industry standard sizes, but a range of fixed sizes offered by most manufacturers. Generally speaking this means fixed width and height doors, which are made in large quantities reducing the cost to the consumer. Crown Imperial for example, offer wardrobes with door sizes of 300, 400, 450, 500 and 600 mm wide in two different heights (give a total wardrobe height of 2050 or 2232). Now from these sizes, you can pretty much design furniture to fit within a given space. So if you wanted some wardrobes to fit wall to wall in a space say, 2960 wide x  2350 high, you would use 2 x 1000 mm wide wardrobes and one 900 mm wide wardrobe, with 30 mm ‘fillers’ either side with one on top (known as the ‘scribe’) 118 mm high (2350 – 2232), to give it the completely fitted look.

For almost all installations (probably 90%) these combination of sizes will create the fitted look most people are happy with, but there are some instances where the standard wardrobes won’t always be the best option. This is usually for rooms with ceilings over 2500 mm high when the top scribe filler becomes too tall and can look a bit odd.

So, the pros? Low cost, high quality furniture, quick to fit and looks great. Cons? If you have tall ceilings and still want the fitted look, they may not be for you.

Price: For the example above, (3000 mm wide x 2350 high room) Locano would start at £1300 including fitting (around £430 per metre). A 300 mm bedside unit would be from only £116.

2. Made to Measure Furniture

The next stage on from standard sizes in that you can have the same design door, but in a size to suit your requirements. This is where the price will jump up significantly as one off ‘specials’ have to be made to order. This applies to both doors and carcasses. For wardrobes this has always been an issue, but at Eclipse we can make pretty much any finish door to any size (within reason!). Not all companies will offer this option.

For our range of sliding wardrobes, this is not an issue at all as all out doors are made to measure/order by default at no additional cost.

Made to measure wardrobes from Eclipse: From £800 per metre fitted
Made to measure sliding wardrobes from Eclipse: From £500 per metre fitted (yes a 3 metre run for £1500!)

3. Bespoke:

Now, bespoke is completely different from the above two. This is where nothing in the above ranges is remotely near anything you want. Normally this would be for very ornate furniture, which would be made by specialist joinery companies. This is not something that we provide, but if you were wondering, budget upwards of £3000 per metre (yes, that’s £10,000 for the above bedroom!)

Give us a real example, then!

Okay, now you’ve got the idea, what you really want to know is how much would the fitted bedroom be which is illustrated at the top?

How much for the bedroom on the left?
£2781 inclusive of VAT and fitting

So is that good value? Of course,we are going to say yes, but when you consider that the design has 16 drawers, it becomes even better value. The bank of drawers on their own would be just over £1000, so suddenly you can see that the wardrobes would only be £1750 including fitting! This includes 18 mm carcasses in a choice of colours, top of the range Blum drawer boxes, 7 fascia finishes and all the necessary plinth and panels. Stunning Value.

Time to give us a call then!

If you would like to know how much your dream bedroom would be, call us on 0800 160 1575.

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