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Handleless Kitchens – Less is More

Handleless Kitchens – Less is More

As many consumers lead busy lifestyles, true handleless kitchens tick the box of ease of maintenance and simplicity. Whilst there will always be a place for the pewter knob or D handle, more and more consumers are choosing no handle at all and go for the handleless, slick streamlined look.

Crown Handleless Kitchens

Handleless kitchen with illuminated top rail.

From our experience, most of our customers are second or third generation buyers, having had the nightmare kitchen and the ubiquitous medium oak ornate one from the early 90’s and are now a lot more product and trend davy. As many consumers lead busy lifestyles, a true handleless kitchen ticks the box of ease of maintenance and simplicity.

The popularity of handleless kitchens never seems to wane. It’s the epitome of modern design and we think will not date one bit. By removing the handles, it gives the cabinets sleek, clean lines, which keeps the style looking fresh, contemporary and timeless.

While the strict definition of a handle-free door is not clearly defined, most experts (including us) agree that a true, 100% handleless kitchen is generally made up of flat, slab doors based on a rail system. The cabinets are routered back to accommodate an aluminium rail so the customer can reach behind and open the door or drawer from the back. There is nothing built-in or attached to the door front as everything happens on the carcass side of things.

As the carcasses need to be modified significantly from a standard unit, up until now these true handleless kitchens tend to be found at the high end of the market as the cost to manufacturer has always been higher than the norm.

Curved Handleless Kitchens

Curved Handleless Kitchens from Crown

That was until Crown decided to enter the market last year with their range of gloss and wood finish doors. When Crown Imperial Kitchens decide to do something they don’t do it by halves; built in rail end panels, tall units with single slab doors and even curved handleless!

With the Furore range only set at price group 4 you can get a stunning, ‘German look’ kitchen, for probably half the price. Yet they are all mounted on 18mm carcasses, complete with Blum Motion hinges and drawers, so have a specification equal to our european counterparts.

See our Crown Handleless Kitchens page for more information.


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