Crown Bedrooms CROWN ROCOCO White RIALTO Oxygen AOur fitted bedroom range come in a range of solid oak, modern wood effects, plain matt colours or high gloss acrylic so finding the bedroom to suit you is a dream.

The latest Crown Bedrooms range has been improved with the addition of the living concept, which means that the furniture finishes are compatible with the lifestyle and kitchen ranges. The choice of ranges are as follows:

Locano – 11 matt doors in wood effect and plain colours
Rococo – 9 modern and vibrant colours on a flat door
Furore – 9 Supergloss wood effect and plain colours
Zeluso – A unique super matt finish in 9 different colours
Rialto – 18 modern high gloss acrylic finishes
Midsomer – Painted oak shaker available in 18 colours
Additionally the drawers are now from Blums world class leading ‘Invito’ range, which are white with frosted glass sides.